Spanien · 29. Februar 2024
Adiós, España!
After having such a good time in Galicia I felt like I needed a tiny break from vanlife. So I started driving back to Germany. Around 2000 kilometre were waiting for me. My highlight on the way back to Germany was a hike close to Santoña in Cantabria: Faro del Caballo. I was lucky with the weather and really enjoyed this hike! It was a bit exhausting because to reach the lighthouse you had to walk down 763 steps. And up again on the way back :) But it was definitely worth it! There were almost...
Spanien · 15. Februar 2024
In love with Galicia
I was really looking forward to going to Galicia. I've already been in Northern Spain (Basque country, Cantabria and Asturias) when I was driving to Sevilla from Germany in October. I absolutely loved this region of Spain. So much nature and few people! My first stop in Galicia was Baiona. I found this spot on Google Maps and did a tiny hike there. I had a really nice view from the Virxe da Rocha, a big statue on a hill.
Spanien · 03. Januar 2024
¡Adiós, España!
And then I started slowly driving back to Sevilla. I spent a few days in and around Torrevieja. I saw a few more flamingos. I spent another night at Playa Mojácar and Playa Granada. And of course I've been chasing a few more sunrises and sunsets :)
Spanien · 30. Dezember 2023
Mountain love
From Santa Pola it was only a short drive to Alicante. I thought of going to the city centre but then decided just to spend some time at the beach. Luckily it was a real summer day: Sunny and very warm! Here I found the smallest and cutest shells I've ever seen. Yeah, it's still about the little things, I guess...
Spanien · 27. Dezember 2023
Escaping winter...
If you want to escape winter and still want to stay in Europe, Southern Spain is probably your first choice. Even in December the sun is shining almost every day! The days are still warm and even when the nights are getting quite cold, it doesn't feel like winter at all! If you want it even warmer, you can take a flight or ferry to the Canary Islands. There you get the real summer feeling. I did this last year and spent Christmas on Fuerteventura. Back to this year and me travelling around with...
Spanien · 17. Dezember 2023
After spending some time together in Sevilla we went to Portugal again. This time with the campervan. And again the Algarve was really beautiful and we found nice spots to stay for the night. Since there are already so many pictures of Portugal on the blog and we didn't really visit new places, I will only share one special photo here. I was not aware when Carlos took it and I really really like it. I think it would be a perfect advertising for visiting the Algarve :)
Spanien · 09. Dezember 2023
Back to Andalusia
When I stayed in Asturias at the coast it got quite windy. So I checked the weather forecast for the next days. And then I saw it: Hurricane warning! Not exactly for the region I was staying in but quite close. Since I really don't like stormy weather, especially when being AND sleeping in the van, I decided not to keep driving along the coast but do a "shortcut" to Andalusia. Because remember: At this point someone special was living in Sevilla and I wanted to see him :) It was a really nice...
Spanien · 08. Dezember 2023
Northern Spain - Part 3
Spain consists of 17 "Comunidades Autónomas". Coming from France I drove through Basque country, then passing Cantabria (the Santander area) and now arriving in Asturias. Next one would be Galicia, but I didn't go there... Asturias welcomed me with a beautiful landscape. Driving along the coast and doing my stops was definitely one of my highlights so far!
Spanien · 06. Dezember 2023
Northern Spain - Part 2
The coast of Liencres. Only a few kilometres away from Santander. I don't know how to put it in words. I was speechless! It reminded me so much of New Zealand. And everyone who knows me knows that a big part of my heart belongs to New Zealand! The light in Liencres was super special, there were absolutely no people and the beach was amazing! Happy me walking along the beach...
Spanien · 05. Dezember 2023
Northern Spain - Part 1
Northern Spain, here I am! I heard so many good things about you. So please don't disappoint me :) My roadtrip in Northern Spain started with finding a lucky cent on the car park :) It also started with tiny cute villages and the realisation that in Basque country they are speaking another language: Basque. I didn't see that coming! All signs are in Spanish and Basque. Always good being on the road and learning something new.

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