¡Adiós, España!

And then I started slowly driving back to Sevilla. I spent a few days in and around Torrevieja. I saw a few more flamingos. I spent another night at Playa Mojácar and Playa Granada. And of course I've been chasing a few more sunrises and sunsets :)

It was the week before Christmas, so everything was quite busy. After stopping at the IKEA in Málaga again to write the blog, I escaped the masses and found another embalse in the mountains on the way to Antequera. Another quiet and peaceful night before driving to Sevilla and spending Christmas with Carlos :)

Yeah, the nights and mornings were getting quite cold, so I was looking forward to spending a few days in a proper house with a hot shower :)


Spening Christmas in Southern Spain means loads of sun and blue sky, shorts and T-shirt during the day and thick blankets during the night. And of course some German Christmas sweets like Spekulatius and Lebkuchen. Thanks to Lidl :)

And then I was almost ready to leave Spain. I just felt like it was time to see something else. Explore a "new" country. But before that there was something else on my list: Gibraltar. This tiny piece of land, that belongs to Great Britain. I've been there in autumn 2022 and absolutely loved it! I didn't love it so much this time. It was so crowded (yeah, the time "between the years"), the weather was very British and all in all I was a bit dissappointed. That's life.


The highlight of the drive to Gibraltar was the full moon, I saw the first night and the sunrise the next morning. Then I just parked the van in La Línea de la Concepción and walked over to Gibraltar :)

When I kept driving along the coast I found a beautiful place - by accident! The coastal path next to Barbate was absolutely stunning and I spent a quiet night at the parking there. In the morning I had a quick stop at the Faro de Trafalgar and then kept driving north again. Maybe another stop at the IKEA in Jerez de la Frontera. I think I know all IKEAs in Southern Spain now :)

My last night in Spain I spent close to Aracena. Ready to drive to Portugal and start the New Year there.


¡Adiós, España! Thanks for having me! I am pretty sure we will see again...

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