Adiós, España!

After having such a good time in Galicia I felt like I needed a tiny break from vanlife. So I started driving back to Germany. Around 2000 kilometre were waiting for me.


My highlight on the way back to Germany was a hike close to Santoña in Cantabria: Faro del Caballo. I was lucky with the weather and really enjoyed this hike! It was a bit exhausting because to reach the lighthouse you had to walk down 763 steps. And up again on the way back :) But it was definitely worth it! There were almost no people on the trail and the views were amazing!

The rest of the drive was not really exciting. My last stop in Spain was in Getaria. I already stayed here in October when I was driving to Sevilla. So I knew that there was an official camper parking and I knew where to go for the sunrise in the morning :)


France welcomed me with cute roads through pine trees and then with rainy weather. So I just kept driving about 400 kilometre every day to get to Germany...

And yes, this panda cleaning the French supermarket made me smile a lot :)


My last night in the van I spent in the same place where I started my trip in October. Almost exactly four months later! A tiny parking in the woods next to the wild pigs close to Rottweil.

When Spain meets Germany: Tostada made with Bavarian bread! SO GOOD! Let's see where I will be eating my next breakfast in the van...

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    Ruth (Donnerstag, 29 Februar 2024 13:48)

    Haha, der Panda auf der Putzmaschine :))!
    Ich bin auch schon gespannt auf die nächste Frühstückslocation im Van mit Ausblick!

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    Barbara (Donnerstag, 29 Februar 2024 16:18)

    Hihi ja, da musste ich echt auch lachen :) Und yes, die nächste Tostada mit Aussicht kommt bestimmt!