Italien · 22. April 2024
Arrivederci, Italia!
Being back in the mountains felt really good. So peaceful and quiet and the views were amazing! As usual I went for a hike and then just enjoyed the lovely spot just for myself. Then I left Liguria and entered Piedmont. Also a really nice area with loads of nature, mountain views and nice places to go for a walk.
Italien · 17. April 2024
West coast and Elba
My first stop on the west coast was Piombino. I had a look on the map and this looked like a nice place to start exploring this part of Italy. The weather was finally summerlike with loads of sun and warm temperatures. Perfect for doing some hikes along the coast. I absolutely loved this area! The views were amazing and it was not busy with people. You could even see Elba, Capri and Corsica.
Italien · 11. März 2024
Lost in Italy...
When I decided to drive to Germany I had no idea how much time I wanted to spend there. In the end I stayed for two weeks before I felt like hitting the road again. It was nice to spend some time with my family, catch up with friends and even have a chat with my former colleagues when I stayed in Garmisch for a few days. I also got some lovely winter weather and went on one of my favourite walks :)
Spanien · 29. Februar 2024
Adiós, España!
After having such a good time in Galicia I felt like I needed a tiny break from vanlife. So I started driving back to Germany. Around 2000 kilometre were waiting for me. My highlight on the way back to Germany was a hike close to Santoña in Cantabria: Faro del Caballo. I was lucky with the weather and really enjoyed this hike! It was a bit exhausting because to reach the lighthouse you had to walk down 763 steps. And up again on the way back :) But it was definitely worth it! There were almost...
Spanien · 15. Februar 2024
In love with Galicia
I was really looking forward to going to Galicia. I've already been in Northern Spain (Basque country, Cantabria and Asturias) when I was driving to Sevilla from Germany in October. I absolutely loved this region of Spain. So much nature and few people! My first stop in Galicia was Baiona. I found this spot on Google Maps and did a tiny hike there. I had a really nice view from the Virxe da Rocha, a big statue on a hill.
Portugal · 05. Februar 2024
This will be the last blog post about Portugal. Before driving back to Spain I parked Sue at the IKEA and took the bus to the city centre of Porto. That was more relaxed than driving in the city as I did in Lisbon. The bus took around 30 minutes and I paid 2,50 Euro for a one-way ticket. I didn't do much research before so I just started walking around... Most famous are probably the old town Ribeira and the Ponte de Dom Luís I. I really liked Porto. Even though it was a bit busy due to the...
Portugal · 02. Februar 2024
Parque Nacional Peneda-Gerês
When I knew that Carlos would fly to Porto to join me for my birthday, I did some research online to find out how we could spend these days together. Turns out that there is exactly ONE National Park in Portugal: Parque Nacional Peneda-Gerês. It's located 100 kilometres notheast of Porto and was created in 1971. After reading a bit about the National Park and looking at some pictures, I knew that this was the perfect place for us. Loads of nature, forests, waterfalls, natural pools. Exactly...
Portugal · 27. Januar 2024
Driving north...
Leaving Lisbon and the crazy traffic around this city, I started driving north to get to Porto. I had a few ideas where I wanted to stop on the way and also found some nice places by chance. But first I spent one sleepness night at the coast because of heavy wind and rain. It was so loud! The road, that had been bad the day before without rain, was even worse the next day. So many potholes and the main road was flooded! Puh. I was very happy when I made it to Ericeira safely! The town is quite...
Portugal · 23. Januar 2024
I am not a big city girl and I will never be! BUT... I am suffering from FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out). So passing Lisbon and not going into the city, was not an option. And Lisbon is a BIG city. Not as huge as other capitals but still big. 600 000 people are living there and 2,8 million if you include the surroundings. Mostly I was worried about driving there. I had a look for parking lots outside the city but even driving there was crazy. I am just not made for this :) My first stop was Almada,...
Portugal · 22. Januar 2024
Fishermen's Trail
The Fishermen's Trail is said to be one of the best coastal trails in the world. When I decided to go South, I also decided to walk parts of this trail. In total the Fishermen's Trail includes 226,5 kilometres. It starts in Sines and ends in Lagos. When I stayed at the Algarve last year I already did tiny parts of the trail. I walked from Lagos to Luz and I also did some hiking along the trail starting in Sagres. My first hike started close to Porto Covo. I just walked for 1,5 hours and then...

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