Northern Spain - Part 1

Northern Spain, here I am! I heard so many good things about you. So please don't disappoint me :)


My roadtrip in Northern Spain started with finding a lucky cent on the car park :) It also started with tiny cute villages and the realisation that in Basque country they are speaking another language: Basque. I didn't see that coming! All signs are in Spanish and Basque. Always good being on the road and learning something new.

My first "proper" stop was in San Sebastián/ Donostia. Watching the sunrise and walking along the promenade in the morning was really nice. Unfortunately it got quite busy with people but I was lucky and found a nice escape: Mount Igeldo. Beautiful hike and stunning views over the coast and the city!

I kept driving along the coast, reaching Getaria. I really liked this place! I did a tiny hike up the hill with amazing views, did another hike along the road to Zarautz and at night I fell asleep in the van with ocean sounds. And of course I kept chasing sunrises and sunsets! I will probably never stop this :)

Then I drove a little bit inland and explored the Ukulu lake which was really nice! On the way to Vitoria-Gasteiz I had a few more tiny stops because the landscape was just so beautiful! The highlight in Vitoria-Gasteiz was a much needed hot shower (for 2,10 Euro :)) in a sports centre and the fact that I got my laundry done. Welcome to vanlife!


As you can see on the pictures it got a bit cold and rainy. Not the perfect weather for vanlife but still doable.

Although the weather was not really good, I decided to go back to the beach. I passed Bilbao (withouth stopping - BIG CITY!) and went to Laredo instead.

To be honest, at this point I was quite disappointed. The rain got more and more and I thought that my expectations of Northern Spain were just too high. In my head it was wild coasts, lonely beaches... But yeah we are getting there!!! Not yet but very soon :)


First I kept driving to Santander. Still loads of rain and me trying to make the best out of it. And then finally the sun came out again and I went for a walk to the lighthouse Faro Cabo Mayor. This was the first time while being in Northern Spain that I thought: Okay, wow! Now I know what you are talking about! 

Green hills, amazing coastal views, beautiful beaches, a cute lighthouse and the light was just stunning! Thank you!  That's why I came here :)

The next morning the universe sent me a mind-blowing sunrise! Muchas gracias :)


At this point I didn't know that there was SO MUCH more to come. So many more sunrises and sunsets, beautiful drives and amazing beaches. Northern Spain, I think I am falling for you...

To be continued :)

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