Mountain love

From Santa Pola it was only a short drive to Alicante. I thought of going to the city centre but then decided just to spend some time at the beach. Luckily it was a real summer day: Sunny and very warm! Here I found the smallest and cutest shells I've ever seen. Yeah, it's still about the little things, I guess...

I love the beach and the ocean AND I love the mountains. That's why I decided to say goodbye to the coast and started driving into the interior of the country. First stop was another embalse. I really like embalses. You usually have great views, options for walking and on top a quiet stay for the night. All of this I got at the Embalse del Amadorio. And I got even more: Another beautiful sunset and sunrise all to myself!

Now I was ready for my drive to Alcoy, a small city located in the mountains. I really liked that place. Unfortunately the night was pretty cold and therefore I only stayed one night. Still enough time to do some hiking! I missed it.

"The mountains are calling and I must go."


"Going to the mountains is going home."


(John Muir)



See you soon :)

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