Escaping winter...

If you want to escape winter and still want to stay in Europe, Southern Spain is probably your first choice. Even in December the sun is shining almost every day! The days are still warm and even when the nights are getting quite cold, it doesn't feel like winter at all!

If you want it even warmer, you can take a flight or ferry to the Canary Islands. There you get the real summer feeling. I did this last year and spent Christmas on Fuerteventura.

Back to this year and me travelling around with the campervan. Because I wanted to get some blog-writing done, I spent a few days on the caravan parking next to the IKEA in Murcia. This was a whole new world to me :) So many campervans from Germany, France, the Netherlands, Switzerland, the UK and and and... It seemed like many of them were spending quite some time there. I had breakfast in the IKEA restaurant three days in a row to use the free WIFI to write my blog. Three days in a row I saw the same people sitting there and having breakfast, too :)

Next to the IKEA was a shopping centre with a big supermarket, a cinema and few other shops. That was quite convenient. However, I was really missing the nature! The whole shopping area was very busy with cars and people. It was noisy during the day and sometimes also during the night. Definitely not the right place for me to spend Christmas :) Good that is was only beginning of December and I had much time left to decide where I wanted to spend the holidays.

To get a quiet night in nature I drove just 30 minutes north and stayed in the middle of nowhere in the Parque Natural Sierra de la Pila. In the beginning it felt a bit weird because there was absolutely no one! I only saw a few cars passing, there were no other camper vans and no people at all. After calming myself down by telling me that I will be okay, I could really enjoy the fact that I was surrounded by mountains and not by other camper vans :) Unfortunately this night was super windy! The van was shaking and it was really loud! So all in all not the best night I ever had, but being back in nature felt really good!

For me being in the campervan and being on the road means MOVING. When I was driving from Germany to Sevilla I never stayed in one place for more than one night. This is my kind of roadtrip...


Since I was quite lost at that time of my trip I decided to slow down a bit and find a place to stay for a few days. This happened to be Santa Pola, a small city south of Alicante. There were a few parking areas right next to the beach. Also quite busy with campervans but I found two quiet places where I stayed a few nights. I really enjoyed my time there. Chasing the sunrise and sunset every day. Reading my book, eating good food. Doing a tiny hike up the mountain to a mirador. Living the good life :)

Staying in one place respectively in one area felt good. And also slowing down a tiny bit felt good. Nevertheless, I think I am made for moving :)


P.s.: Since spending so much time in the IKEA I got myself a new friend who is now travelling with me and Sue: It's Ali, the alien. A very good listener and very good at cuddling :)

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