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When I stayed in Asturias at the coast it got quite windy. So I checked the weather forecast for the next days. And then I saw it: Hurricane warning! Not exactly for the region I was staying in but quite close. Since I really don't like stormy weather, especially when being AND sleeping in the van, I decided not to keep driving along the coast but do a "shortcut" to Andalusia. Because remember: At this point someone special was living in Sevilla and I wanted to see him :)


It was a really nice drive through the mountains to Leòn. I am not the city girl, so I just slept there on a parking close to the centre and did some walking around in the morning. Nice city, but for me all these Spanish cities are quite similar. Nothing special... At least not for me :)

If you are wondering about the skulls... I was in León the 1st of November. This is the time of the year (31st of October till 2nd of November) when the Mexicans are celebrating Día de los Muertos. Seems like the Spanish people are doing it too, at least something similar. And at least some kind of art project in León.


My next stop was Segovia. After visiting the Pont du Gard in France I found out that there is also a big aqueduct in Spain. Namely in Segovia. Turned out that it is in the middle of the city which was quite cool but also quite crowded.


My tiny personal highlight was a ring with my name on it :) I didn't buy it but still the fact that there exists this ring made me happy. And I learned a new Spanish word: caca de perro. It's about the little things that make you smile :)

The stormy and rainy weather was coming closer but fortunately it was changing quickly and I got some sun when I arrived in Ávila. A really cute city with an impressive city wall.

The weather changed as quickly as my mood. Rainy, cloudy, sunny, rainy, cloudy, sunny... :)


I was still using the Park4Night-App and have been finding really good places the last weeks. And sometimes the universe sent me an extra-nice place. Close to Plasencia was a dam (Embalse de Plasencia) and there was a tiny parking directly at the dam. The parking was super small with loads of potholes. So definitely not suitable for bigger vans. During the afternoon there were a few people stopping to go for a walk, but at night it was only me and Sue :) Super quiet and I got the best sleep in days.

One last stop, one last drive through the fog and I made it to (sunny) Sevilla.


Almost 3500 kilometres.

Almost one month on the road.


Thanks to Sue for being so reliable! No accident, no breakdown. Muchas gracias :)

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