Northern Spain - Part 2

The coast of Liencres. Only a few kilometres away from Santander. I don't know how to put it in words. I was speechless! It reminded me so much of New Zealand. And everyone who knows me knows that a big part of my heart belongs to New Zealand!


The light in Liencres was super special, there were absolutely no people and the beach was amazing! Happy me walking along the beach...

Sometimes you just find these special places or these places find you!? Who knows. I don't even know if it is really so special or just so special for ME!? It doesn't really matter :)


After a tiny breakfast I did some walking along the coast in the other direction. Also very beautiful and only a few people.


Later I even got a nice shower with stunning views! A bit cold, but who really cares if the outdoor shower is in such a beautiful place :)

Thank you very much, Liencres, for having me! And thanks to C. for this great recommendation!


Then I kept driving along the coast. A few tiny stops here and there. A bit of rain. Loads of wind. Always amazing views...


...until a transporter with cows stopped next to me on the car park. Cows that were obviously on their way to the slaughterhouse. I know that this is happening. This is one of the reasons why I am vegan. However, seeing, smelling and hearing these animals broke my heart!


Maybe the mood was not the best anyway at this time. But seeing these cows suffering just for people who can't stop eating meat, was too much for me :( Maybe I am too sensitive for this world or this world is too cruel for me!?

I couldn't stop thinking about the cows the whole day. And I am wondering if it is ENOUGH to eat plant-based food or if there is more I can do. Still thinking about this now. Weeks later...


Guess there will be a part 3 of Northern Spain. More stunning nature to come :)

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