Arrivederci, Italia!

Being back in the mountains felt really good. So peaceful and quiet and the views were amazing! As usual I went for a hike and then just enjoyed the lovely spot just for myself.

Then I left Liguria and entered Piedmont. Also a really nice area with loads of nature, mountain views and nice places to go for a walk.

My last stop in Italy was at the Lago Maggiore. I've never been there before and thought it would be a nice place to say goodbye to Bella Italia :)

Since the weather was really good, I decided to go for another mountain hike: Sasso del Ferro (1062 metre). The starting point was in Laveno and I didn't see any people on the way. And even on top there was absolutely no one. When I started hiking down again the first people were coming up the mountain with the cable car. Good timing! The views over the Lago Maggiore were stunning!

The hike was quite exhausting and long but I really really enjoyed it! I stayed one more night at the Lago Maggiore before I started driving through Switzerland and Liechtenstein to Austria. That was a beautiful drive although it was quite snowy and cold. In Liechtenstein it was so windy that I only left the van for a few minutes :)

The last stop before going to my parents' house was Bregenz at the Lake Constance. I found a quiet spot to park Sue and enjoyed the sunny weather at the lake. When I saw all the nice mountains surrounding the Lake Constance I thought it would be a shame not to do another mountain hike there. So I got up early the next morning to hike up the Pfänder mountain (1064 metre). I am repeating myself but yeah I really like hiking and I really like the mountains and I really really like these stunning views from the top of a mountain!!!

That was the perfect last stop before driving back to Germany.


Thanks to the van which still kept going although there definitely was something wrong. Now it was time to put Sue in the garage and fix everything, before hitting the road again.

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    Ruth (Sonntag, 05 Mai 2024 20:04)

    Was für schöne Bilder mit so viel blauem Himmel!