This will be the last blog post about Portugal. Before driving back to Spain I parked Sue at the IKEA and took the bus to the city centre of Porto. That was more relaxed than driving in the city as I did in Lisbon. The bus took around 30 minutes and I paid 2,50 Euro for a one-way ticket. I didn't do much research before so I just started walking around... Most famous are probably the old town Ribeira and the Ponte de Dom Luís I.


I really liked Porto. Even though it was a bit busy due to the weekend, I didn't feel stressed at all. That's definitely a good sign. Especially being in a city :)

Spending the night in the campervan close to Porto was super easy. There were big parkings at the beach and almost no people.


After leaving Porto I started driving north and spent one last night in Portugal. Again at the beach with only the sound of the ocean. I think I am getting used to this :)

Tchau, Portugal! Thanks for having me and até breve!


And special thanks to the seagull which made my Porto photo a bit more "special" :)

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