La vie est belle!

La vita è bella. La vida es buena. Das Leben ist schön. Und auf Englisch? Life is good?! Eigentlich auch egal. Fakt ist: Das Leben ist schön :)


This will be the first time that I am writing the blog in English. I thought about it for a while and now it's time to actually do it. I want Carlos to be able to read what I am writing about our time together. Y mi español no es lo suficientemente bueno :) So here we go. It's a bit scary because I know my English is far away from being perfect and I am not sure if I can express myself the same way as I am doing it in German.


Carlos had a few days off and - lucky me - he booked a flight to Marseille to join me on my trip. I picked him up at the airport and we hit the road! After spending some time at the ocean (super windy!!!) we drove into the interior and found a great lonely spot for the night. We even did a tiny hike up the mountain. Not less windy there :) The views were amazing and the night was super quiet.

Carlos' flight back to Spain would be leaving from Toulouse, so we only had 400 kilometre to go. Therefore we were going really slow and were able to take a few detours. First one was a stop at the Pont du Gard. I've been here when I was a child and was curious to see it again. I really like this place! Very calm and peaceful. Nice landscape and of course an amazing Roman aqueduct.

The second night we spend very remote in the mountains and night number 3, which was already our last night together, we stayed in a tiny village close to Toulouse. And in between we just enjoyed each other's company and beautiful France :)


By the way, October is Breastcancer Awareness Month. In almost all French villages we saw pink umbrellas or ribbons to remind us of this illness.

Last night means "Pizza-Night" :) And we were lucky and found a really good one! The next morning started - as usual - with a nice sunrise and some tostada. Maybe life is all about these tiny rituals that make you happy... And if you can share these with someone special, you are really really lucky!

Then it was time to say goodbye. One last walk around a nearby lake and afterwards driving to the airport. The traffic was crazy and we had no idea what was going on. Later we found out that there was a bomb threat and the airport had to be evacuated.


Therefore Carlos' flight had a huge delay but luckily it was not cancelled. Good for him and his boss because he had to work the next day. I wouldn't have said no if he stayed a bit longer with me in the van :)

What do they say? It's not about the quantity but quality. In our case: It was not a huge quantity (only a few days) but a HUGE quality of time we spent together. And the best: More to come very soon :)

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